How a Sherrin is made

Every leather Sherrin Australian Football made by the production team in Australia passes through 23 individual stages before becoming a completed football.

Some stages of production are kept as closely guarded secrets to ensure competitors can never match Sherrin's quality.

At the completion of each stage, a quality control check is completed to ensure that the ball meets Sherrin's strict quality control standards. Any balls which are defective, in even the smallest way, do not pass the rigid quality inspections.

Interestingly, Sherrin footballs are actually made from cowhide rather than pigskin or kangaroo hide as some people believe.

Sherrin: since 1880

Custom Imprinting

Get your club or league logo imprinted on your footies.

Orders of 24 footballs or more of the full-size KB and Match styles can include a custom logo imprinted at no extra charge.

top panel artwork
top and bottom artwork panels

Since the balls are imprinted by Sherrin in Australia, shipping time is usually longer. Please contact us for more details.